Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bonjour Paris!

We're on our way, next stop, Paris!
Our flight took 9 hours and 35 minutes, we had trouble sleeping on the plane because we were so excited of the adventure that was ahead of us, but we did not let that stop us, we hit the ground running. After making it through the busy Paris traffic, we made it too our hotel.

It is in the Montmartre district in Paris where many famous artists have lived. We walked around the beautiful winding cobblestone streets and stopped at a french cafe on the hill where we enjoyed our lunch and this view.

We meandered through the streets of this beautiful arts district taking in all of the beautiful sights as we made our way to the Montmartre Museum.
This was the home and studio of the Impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens in the center of Montmartre and being there made us feel like we had entered one of his canvases.

Everywhere we went today we were surrounded by French sights and sounds. Listening to the French language is magical, so we have decided to add a French phrase of the day to each blog, and since Mrs. Aromy and Mrs. Cook neither one speak any french our first phrase is 

 Do you speak English?              Parlez-vous anglais?              par-lay-voo ahn-glay

ps...As we were falling asleep last night we heard a lullaby of a Parisian song being played on an accordion   from the street below our room, and we wandered if we were dreaming, if so, please don't wake us. Stay tuned...

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