Saturday, July 5, 2014

Following Cezanne in Aix en Provence

The city of Aix in the Provence region of France is known as the city of fountains and for it's most famous son, Paul Cezanne.

We were able to follow in the footsteps of Cezanne and get a feel for the city where he was born, raised, worked and eventually died. We traveled down the main boulevard in Aix and came across the house he was born.

We took a bus up a hill to this street...

...where we found Cezanne's studio.

We were not able to take any pictures inside, so check out the link above to see what it looks like. Everything was left as it was when he had last used it, we could just imagine him there painting at his easel. It was so peaceful and the building and gardens were beautiful. We decided it would be a great spot for a quick watercolor painting.

French phrase of the day:
What a nice place.  /  Quell endroit sympa.  /  kehl ahn-dwah sahn-pah

stay tuned...

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