Thursday, July 10, 2014

Matisse in Nice

On Saturday we had big plans of making another museum marathon, three in one day, this time in the South of France. We headed by train to Nice, to visit the MuseĆ© Matisse.
Like many of the other museums this too was in a beautiful building set high on a hill. 
Matisse is one of our favorite artists and this museum had a wonderful collection of his drawings, 
paintings, sculpture, collages as well as some of his personal collection of furniture and accessories from his home and studio. Many items displayed you could find in his drawings and paintings. There were three floors to discover and view and we took all morning and into the afternoon enjoying Matisse's beautiful works. 
We decided to head to the city center and check out Matisse's old stomping ground and explore the southern light that Nice is known for. As we waited for the bus to take us back down the hill, we enjoyed this view.
As we walked through the city, we were greeted by brightly colored beautiful old buildings and a bustling city. There was an electric energy between the bright sun, patterns on the pavements and boldly colored architecture. 

We made our way to the coast and could understand the draw of this city for Matisse. The sky and water were the bluest of blues and the sun glistened off of the stones on the shore. As we walked along the shore and took in the sites we decided the other two museums would just have to wait another day, we were spending the afternoon in this beautiful city by sea. We stopped and enjoyed the view by the shore and then made our way to Old Town Nice, where ate a delicious dinner as a jazz band played. I think we may have some seascapes to paint this year.

French phrase of the day:
City by the sea.  /  Ville par la mer.  / vil pah la mair

stay tuned...

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